The Virgin Suicides.


By Jeffrey Eugenides

My favorite book of all time.

Some excerpts

“Our amazement at being formally invited to a house we had only visited in our bathroom fantasies was so great that we had to compare one another’s invitations before we believed it.”

“She climbed the steps to the kitchen, closed the door behind her, and proceeded through the upstairs hallway. We could hear her feet right above us. Halfway up the staircase to the second floor her steps made no more noise, but it was only thirty seconds later that we heard the wet sound of her body falling onto the fence that ran alongside the house.”

“A few of us had fallen in love with her, but had kept it to ourselves, knowing that she was the weird sister.”

“We became acquainted with starry skies the girls had gazed at while camping years before, and the boredom of summers traipsing from back yard to front to back again, and even a certain indefiniable smell that arose from toilets on rainy nights, which the girls called “sewery.” We knew what it felt like to see a boy with his shirt off, and why it made Lux write the name Kevin in purple Magic Marker all over her three-ring binder and even on her bras and panties..”

“We knew, finally, that the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them.”

“‘You never know what’ll set the memory off,” he told us. “A baby’s face. A bell on a cat’s collar. Anything.”’

“When she smiled, her mouth showed too many teeth, but at night Trip Fontaine dreamed of being bitten by each one.”

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Jesse and Anna

I appreciate a good reunion.

It doesn’t have to be for me personally even, if I see a beautiful transaction between two friends or lovers (or owner and pet, whatever) reuniting-it strikes a chord. In the past week and a half, I’ve gotten to experience three (and a half, including one with my mom after a few weeks of distance) in Cambodia, my home as of now.

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I’ve been wanting to incorporate my favorite (cats!) into a photo shoot for some time now. While they’ve made guest appearances in other shoots like one I did with Jeremie Montessuis of Film Noir Studio for WUPP, this was the first with two little guys.

Thanks Philippa for letting me borrow Simba and Atticus for the evening and props to Montana Rakz of RAKZ Photography Studio as the guru behind the camera.

Ryan Drewe Taylor of The Dollhouse Salon mastered my hair and was a perfect cat wrangler in between shots.
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Rah-rah Rainsy!

I am by no means as politically aware, or at least aware as I am sure I should be.

I attempt to keep up on the daily global news: I try to follow the crime cases, listen to the debates, and read about the saddening, interesting, terrifying, sometimes anger-inducing, sometimes exciting events that occur daily from Syria to Seattle.

Recently though, as I find myself in the midst of elections in Phnom Penh, Cambodia- I feel like I’m experiencing-as an outsider-somewhat of an inside look at what will be a pivotal part of Cambodia’s history.

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When I first jetted into Phnom Penh, I remember seeing a little magazine called ‘Whats Up Phnom Penh’, better known as WUPP, with it’s hot pink letters, black background, and stark cover photo all over the place.

I had the chance to meet with Antony, one member of the WUPP team, when I was working at .BEYOND (interiors) and eventually began writing for them. On their third month in publication- I was on board.

Now that we (WUPP and I) have been in Cambodia for almost a year or longer, I’ve got a special place in my heart for the teensy magazine, doing big work covering a lot of businesses and staying as up to date as possible with all things happening on the PP scene.

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I wanted to share, with the permission of the sender, this email I received a few days ago after posting “Adoptee”.
I am amazed and encouraged by the bravery of this person, to not only share their story with me but to also be willing to let me release it through my blog.
I am appreciative of this beacon of support, not only in my feelings but also in sharing them through my writing, and it made the world feel much smaller, closer, and in many ways-more human than it’s been feeling as I continue to read the news. It’s funny how the internet can do that, when you very least expect it. Now, the next time I feel the weight of fear, of questioning, or of doubt-I will think of this reader, who in their beautiful words affected me just as much as my post reached them.
*name changed for privacy



I watched World War Z this Monday (finally), and I came away with two things.

  1. I miss dressing in a post-apocalyptic friendly manner: biker boots, thick denim with long johns underneath, oversized tee shirts and leather jackets. Also known as Washingtonian Fall/Winter attire. These flimsy silk dresses, satin boudoir shorts, crepe silk joggies, and heeled sandals that are basically my staple wardrobe items would have me hungry for brains within minutes.
  2. I battle abandonment issues just as strongly as our character Gerry does with the undead.

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