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Siem Reap. August 4, 2013.


I had the enjoyment of spending a few days this past week with friends (Jesse, Ritchie, Duncan, Steve, newly friended Eric and a few Scottish gals whose names I unfortunately don’t remember) and family (mom and Rachel)  in Siem Reap. Full of relaxation, naps, entertainment, loads of good food, and several Indiana Jones-like tuk tuk rides: it was a weekend away to be remembered.

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Jesse and Anna

I appreciate a good reunion.

It doesn’t have to be for me personally even, if I see a beautiful transaction between two friends or lovers (or owner and pet, whatever) reuniting-it strikes a chord. In the past week and a half, I’ve gotten to experience three (and a half, including one with my mom after a few weeks of distance) in Cambodia, my home as of now.

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I watched World War Z this Monday (finally), and I came away with two things.

  1. I miss dressing in a post-apocalyptic friendly manner: biker boots, thick denim with long johns underneath, oversized tee shirts and leather jackets. Also known as Washingtonian Fall/Winter attire. These flimsy silk dresses, satin boudoir shorts, crepe silk joggies, and heeled sandals that are basically my staple wardrobe items would have me hungry for brains within minutes.
  2. I battle abandonment issues just as strongly as our character Gerry does with the undead.

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