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I find it difficult to trust people, and I believe that stemming from that lack of trust comes me being easily irritated. I don’t know if there was a specific time or event that caused me to question people’s motives, what true colors lie beneath, and whether I would be the one, yet again, walking away first.

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Instant gratification.

Des Moines

I’m sitting in my muggy office under fluorescent lights, coconut to my right, sketch pad to my left, and the Tonle Sap directly ahead. It’s a far cry from where I was only weeks ago working out of various hotel rooms with the air conditioning on full blast while wearing my satin pajamas, and even more different than the space where I worked in New York overlooking Central Park, the bustle of the city never dying below.

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‘Wichcraft, with Aimee.

I met Aimee on an eyewear curation project in Hong Kong, 2014.

We hit it off immediately. Between our affinity for delicious foods, quirky business, and all things aesthetically pleasing- we became friends and partners in a city foreign to me.

We’ve managed to stay in touch over the months and she reached out to me a bit ago asking about something I know my way around: sandwiches.

She manages to spin gold out of everything she touches and this piece was no exception.

Take a read, then go enjoy a sandwich.

'Wichcraft1 'Wichcraft2

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April 6, 2015: 5:20pm

Here I am again, eyes parallel with the clouds. It’s familiar, this situation. The seats feel the same: ever so slightly sticky against the back of my legs, right arm a bit warmer than the left from the sun streaming in from my window seat, tears behind my eyes waiting to meet my collarbone, and head foggier than usual from the air pressure. The hazy blue veiled with a fleet of cirrus that meet the mountain range just beyond the wing of the plane. This time I’m leaning into the wall to avoid contact with the man who has decided that the entire arm rest belongs to him; spacial awareness obviously not a strong suit.
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