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Today is the day when Facebook feeds are full of bared fangs, throngs of sexy nurses/teachers/kittens/cops/robbers/whatevers, and event invites boasting nights of fear, frivolity, and bloody shots shots shots shots shots! Halloween, here you are again.

I don’t remember what I  did for Halloween last year, so obviously it wasn’t that big of a deal, and the year before I just stole someone’s Oktoberfest hat and got really drunk off Absolut at a house party. I think that was the last time I really did much for the occasion. I did do a pretty fun photo shoot this year, THE BABYSITTER, that had Halloween written all over it- but other than that my plans for tonight are less than werewolf worthy. Now when all the “scary” things come out to play on the 31st of October, I can’t really think of anything other than how badly I want pizza- lots of pizza- and that totally works because Freddy Kruger’s face was fashioned after the scarily good savory pie by head makeup artist David Miller.

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Hairs the Thing…

I’m a bit late posting this Highlight & Gloss feature from WUPP’s October edition. And because it’s Monday and I don’t feel like doing much, I am going to put off posting about the killer trip I just had on Koh Rong Samloem Island with my buds.

Read on if it strikes your fancy!


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End of the honeymoon phase.


We all get to this point during some time of the year (week, month, even day at times) when you feel like you’ve lost a lot, or all, interest in that around you. Well kids, here I am at that point. It’s like the honeymoon phase of a relationship is over and now it’s down to brass tacks and really deciding whether you want to be in it or not: ultimately though it’s between me and a country. Instead of champagne fueled dates and moonlit kissing it’s the showcasing of gross habits, farting in front of each other, arguing over dinner, and bickering over finances and chores phase.

Rarely do I have those blissed out moments of here I am Cambodia, you charming place you! Now take me wherever you please. It’s more like please take out the trash asshole I’m tired and bored and we aren’t having date night this week. It’s not to say that there aren’t good things happening in my life: I should be grateful, and generally I am. This week though has felt like walking through molasses or Groundhog Day where everything seems to be on repeat with little changing from the day to day- which can be a slow torturous way of life unless I either take my mind out of its current state or change my situation.

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Kiss and MAKE-UP.


This week on my tumblr site (HERE) someone asked the question:

“Your makeup is so beautiful! What products do you use? Also, what is the process?! :D”

So I answered and thought ‘hey, might as well throw it up on the blog too’. I’m always being asked random “what color is that?”, “what brand do you use for ____?”, “how do I get this look?” and this might help clear up a few questions or point ya’ll in the right direction in the cosmetics hall (or navigating Sephora dot com)!

I’ve been enthralled by makeup and it’s ability to transform, change, and heighten ever since my dad brought me home a bright red tube of Revlon lipstick when I was four years old as costume fun. My little sister got into it and made a massive mess, brought me to tears and a sworn hatred towards her for the rest of the night, and she required a severe bath- but kickstarted what would be a long and delightful adventure into the world of makeup.

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CT bday

This week I celebrated my birthday. Seeing as it’s not the 1920s and I’m not ashamed (and hope I never will be because how ridiculous is that!) of the year I was born, I’m happy to share my age. I’ve entered a new chapter of life and hit a quarter of a century, something that makes me feel very old considering it feels like I was running around the neighborhood filming sasquatch videos and riding electric scooters with my best friend when we were thirteen just days ago. Not old in the sense that “oh my word my life is fleeting and I am going to get crow’s feet around my eyes and I am going to become a spinster cat lady”, just old in the way that I feel like the past half of my life has whizzed by me like a drone.

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