Kiss and MAKE-UP.


This week on my tumblr site (HERE) someone asked the question:

“Your makeup is so beautiful! What products do you use? Also, what is the process?! :D”

So I answered and thought ‘hey, might as well throw it up on the blog too’. I’m always being asked random “what color is that?”, “what brand do you use for ____?”, “how do I get this look?” and this might help clear up a few questions or point ya’ll in the right direction in the cosmetics hall (or navigating Sephora dot com)!

I’ve been enthralled by makeup and it’s ability to transform, change, and heighten ever since my dad brought me home a bright red tube of Revlon lipstick when I was four years old as costume fun. My little sister got into it and made a massive mess, brought me to tears and a sworn hatred towards her for the rest of the night, and she required a severe bath- but kickstarted what would be a long and delightful adventure into the world of makeup.

I absolutely adore playing with different products and achieving different looks based on my mood (especially if it’s a going-out kind of night!) but for the every day I generally stick with the same few pieces and products, changing one or two out depending on how my skin feels that day or what look I’m trying to achieve.

The key though ultimately is to have really good skin- and whether you’re born with it or not, it’s the base to a good face of makeup! So work at it even if your genes didn’t give you smooth, delish skin! I cleanse every morning and every night (NO MATTER HOW DRUNK OR KNACKERED I AM! No exceptions), moisturize, and use SPF during the day. My skincare routine generally stays the same with a few products switched in and out (I love trying new products and treating my skin to new formulas and brands), like sheet masks and homemade scrubs- but keeping things simple for the day to day makes getting ready a breeze and gives me that extra 20 minutes in bed that we all really want.

Considering I suffered from extremely sensitive skin for the first half of my life and it’s considerably calmed down, I’ve jumped on the skincare fun bandwagon with extra fervor! I’m still quite careful with what I slather on (never, ever anything whitening) and it’s rarely scented unless naturally- but it’s a delight to be able to put lotion on without worrying how badly a rash will break out.

I do my makeup in no less than 10 minutes in the morning because during the day I am usually sitting in an office and it’s not that exciting and no one really cares whether I’m wearing NARS or Benefit and why waste too much time putting on a face? If I’m going out, I won’t spend much more time other than amping up the color a bit or tweaking something to make the look a bit more fun!



Cleanse with Clarins Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs

Perk up with Garniér Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller (Pow! Dark circles gone)

Moisturize with Avéne SPF 50 (no one wants skin cancer or sun spots!) Even though, like mentioned, I’m in an office- it’s important to get that coverage even to and fro from work and heading out to meetings.

Finish with Vitamin C serum (many brands!)


Cleanse with Shokobutsu Kiwi Exfoliator

*sometimes I will use LUSH Dark Angels Cleanser for a deep clean, once a week since it’s a bit rough and can be damaging to sensitive skin but it really pulls out the grime and leaves skin feeling silky and smooth

Moisturize with Avéne Cold Cream with 4 drops of Clarins Santal Huile/Josie Maran Argan Oil mixed in OR straight up unrefined coconut oil from CocoKhmer, depending on how dry my skin is, whether I’ve been traveling, and what season it is

Lightly tap with your ring finger (it’s your least used and best for sensitive skin) around the eyes Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream (you’re never too young to use eye cream…well I guess as soon as you hit your twenties. Toddlers worry not.)

Daily Cosmetics:

I detest foundation. Hence needing good skin so I don’t have to put something that feels like cake batter on my face! I know that many women live by it to create the perfect canvas and an airbrushed look- but I like to let me moles, freckles, and actual skin show through a bit, a few imperfections make their way out from under the paint.

I start off, of course, with my moisturizing routine and then follow up with a primer, either Givenchy Mister Mat, KORRES Greek Yoghurt Primer, or Maybelline Pore Eraser applyied with my fingers and then a translucent powder from Revlon, I believe it’s the anti-aging one- whatever, it’s in a big red palette. Then use NARS The Multiple in Matte (choose a color that suits you- I love the matte since there is no shimmer to it, shimmer be gone!) to give my face a bit of structure with a contouring brush. If I’m feeling really nasty I will use Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat to highlight and make a little halo around my face.

Sometimes if I want a little flush I’ll use Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil in Everlasting Honey and dab it right on top of my cheeks, not the apples of them since the color will fall once you stop smiling. A swipe across the lips doesn’t hurt for a sheer, flushed tint either.

For my eyebrows, I use Makeup Forever Aqua Brow with an angled brush to fill in my sparse brows in Number 15 sometimes mixed with 25. A little bit goes a LONG way and I swear by this stuff. If they’re looking a bit light that day and I want something a bit bolder, I’ll  follow up with MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Gel in Quiet Brunette to add a bit more thickness.

For eyes I’ll use MAC Paintpot in Bare Study for a shadow primer and then will trade off between MAC eyeshadows which are hard to nail down because I’m such a fiend- but Brulé is a good base to work with topped with Saddle, Espresso,Tempting, and Cork are always great go-to’s for the everyday. I’ve used Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in Blackest Black and it never fails- and I’ve stuck with it for years! I also use the Colorstay liquids in pot or pen for a cat eye.

Lipstick-wise I stick to a few colors: MAC in Taupe, Hang Up, Freckletone, Brave Red, and Urban Decay’s Revolution in Mrs Mia Wallace. I try and stay away from pinky pinks, but sometimes a rose can be nice but I prefer browner tones or a straight up blood red.

And that was a lot of information for a tiny question.

Happy makeup-ing! And remember- makeup is just that- MAKE UP. You’re beautiful without it! Just have tons of fun experimenting and playin’ with your face! Plus, my products and essentials change quarterly or so with exceptions for a few products. There are always new, exciting formulas, colors, and ideas to implement and that’s what makes the whole process so fun. Don’t change how you look- just amp up your natural self with the goodies available in the vast, whimsical world of glosses, oils, palettes, and pigments.

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