Morrow Design Co. x Lettered Streets Coffee House.


For any of my friends or followers in Washington, I strongly urge you to make it over to Lettered Streets Coffee House which will be featuring graphic and photo work by my pal, Jesse Morrow, as a part of their ongoing artist series.

The show will take place in Bellingham on July 10th from 7pm to 11pm.

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Creative Block. June 25, 2013.


It might be the change of scenery at home, the end of another month writing what seems like the millionth article about suede booties, a bit of stress about going home for a visit in September and organizing it all-but I feel like I’ve hit a creative wall, or you know “writer’s block”. Except it’s not necessarily writer’s block, obviously- I’m still writing something, whether it’s good or not and I keep putting together pieces but I feel at the moment like my passion is dwindling. Is the return just too little?

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Who’s gonna take you home? June 20, 2013.

moving on!
The lessons I learn in Cambodia are innumerable:

Remember to renew your visa on time.

Hold on tight to your handbag.

Don’t go to the cinema on a Sunday night.

Bug spray is a necessity.

You’re probably going to get sick about once a month, nothing is seriously wrong with you; it just happens.

During rainy season, you have to plan lightly and have a fluid schedule.

Drink lots of fresh coconuts to avoid dehydration.

Settle your tuk tuk price before getting to your destination.

Never go into the Walkabout.

The newest lesson, hard learned per usual, is what not to do and more importantly what to do when renting property.

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Photo Roll #10. June 17, 2013.

What a week!

From sending my mom off for a visit to the States, celebrating not one but two birthdays (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAKES AND NATALIE!), a trip to Bangkok for work (and some play), and moving house- all while battling a flu-its been pretty hectic.

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Father’s Day. June 16, 2013.

We played this song at his funeral; he and I had recently spent hours ruminating over both Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen’s renditions in his study.

Thinking of Dad on Father’s Day. Missing an incredibly and deeply loved man, grateful for the years I got to be his daughter, honored to have been a piece of his unforgettable life, and looking forward to seeing him again one day.

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