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Scene of the crime.

Scene of the crime.

You would think that after living overseas in a third world country I would have developed a thicker skin and to expect the unexpected, and if not that at least be comfortable doing things a bit out of the ordinary.

Evidently this isn’t the case.

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Who’s gonna take you home? June 20, 2013.

moving on!
The lessons I learn in Cambodia are innumerable:

Remember to renew your visa on time.

Hold on tight to your handbag.

Don’t go to the cinema on a Sunday night.

Bug spray is a necessity.

You’re probably going to get sick about once a month, nothing is seriously wrong with you; it just happens.

During rainy season, you have to plan lightly and have a fluid schedule.

Drink lots of fresh coconuts to avoid dehydration.

Settle your tuk tuk price before getting to your destination.

Never go into the Walkabout.

The newest lesson, hard learned per usual, is what not to do and more importantly what to do when renting property.

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It’s Friday. May 31, 2013.


Thank God it’s Friday- I hate that term.

It reminds me of TGIFriday (awful chain restaurant most Americans are at least aware of that is probably everything I dislike about franchised family dining establishments) and automatically makes the assumption that your week was miserable and you should be glad it’s over; basically that the weekend is the answer to all of your weekday woes.

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Mom. March 16, 2013.

Mother's Day. Phnom Penh. 2013.

I remember at the (especially) mouthy age of seven on Mother’s Day asking my mom why there wasn’t a Children’s Day. She responded with a smart yet gentle “every day is Children’s Day, Anna”.

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