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Andy looking groovy, Mom so mod, and Pops a true gent.

I had the joy of celebrating this past weekend– and celebrating hard. With friends and family clustering around at every side throughout, it was well worth putting my phone down, laptop away, and simply being with my most adored ones.

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AJ Ragasa Photography

I can’t be sure if it’s the glowing orb of a moon hanging in the sky like a bowl of gold, Barcelona radio playing in the background, skimming through my amazing nephew’s recent travel photos (Luke Mattson), or being surrounded by moving boxes again that has me feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with gratitude, overwhelmed with wonder, overwhelmed with questions, overwhelmed with histrionics, overwhelmed with my surprising ability to be so surprisingly present in the simple moment of now.

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The one and only Sheila Mischke.


Photo: Film Noir Studios

Over the past year and a half that I’ve lived in Phnom Penh, living life adjacent to my mom’s who paved our way into The Charming City, I’ve learned a lot about our relationship, our strengths, weaknesses, and more than anything- our deep seeded love for each other.

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Vacation Day 1. May 24, 2013.

A few quick photos from the first day of a semi working vacation with mi madre in Sihanoukville at Independence Hotel (swoosh!).

When I say semi working, I mean eating mounds of shrimp soup and ginger chicken, massages with a view of the ocean literally 1 foot away from ceiling high windows, and answering emails/brainstorming. Feeling extra blessed; sighs of happiness.


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Mom. March 16, 2013.

Mother's Day. Phnom Penh. 2013.

I remember at the (especially) mouthy age of seven on Mother’s Day asking my mom why there wasn’t a Children’s Day. She responded with a smart yet gentle “every day is Children’s Day, Anna”.

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Schooled. December 5th, 2012.

Marbles, officially lost.








“Yo self, congrats! You’ve made it in Cambodia for three months as of today.”

Apparently, two of those months living here with an expired visa. A mistake even the most novice of travelers aren’t likely to make, considering each day overstayed costs $5 and that’s in a lax country, I’m lucky they didn’t punt me out of here with a $10,000 fine and a ‘DO NOT RETURN’ sign hanging around my neck.

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November 21, 2012. Write On.

I haven’t submitted an actual writing entry since, well, it’s looking like November 11th. How impressive.

I don’t want MISCHKE BUSINESS to turn entirely into a photo blog and I really do enjoy take such pleasure in journaling via the internet, that’s really all it can be considered after assessing my writing skills and for now, that will be enough to satiate me. Eventually I’ll get either the drive, passion, determination, whatever it is that makes a dedicated blogger/writer.

I have been a bit tied up writing four articles for WUPP! Magazine’s December issue, which is actually an enjoyable task, but in the long haul they’re short pieces and I have just been slacking on tapping into my personal thoughts and getting them on paper (or Text Edit) as much as I’d like and throwing them onto WordPress. I’ll make sure to post the WUPP! articles once the December publication is released, but until then I’ll continue to jot notes to myself in hopes that I’ll remember to fully get them all out in writing at some point.

I have met a lot of writers since living here. And I mean a lot. There’s even a Mexican place, Cantina on Sisowath, where they all go on Thursday nights according to various sources. How precious; and I say that without sarcasm, like an illuminati of pencil biters and note jotters. How lovely to meet up with fellow journalists, writers, and likeminded thinkers on your strange schedule (they don’t work Fridays-Saturdays if at all depending on their freelance status) and talk shop and go over the week or just get toasted; I don’t know. I have so much admiration that these individuals could take something they genuinely are passionate about, or at least enjoy, and make careers out of it, live their lives on it. Whether writing articles for the city’s most popular lifestyle publication, freelancing for VICE magazine or on the journalism team at a well known travel magazine, I admire them with (hopefully) subtle amazement. I feel the same way even chatting with friends and acquaintances who keep up on blogging, whether at home in the states or here in Phnom Penh. It’s impressive that they continue to take the time to update daily even though they’re not being paid, sometimes feel like they have a small reader base (welcome to my life), and sometimes bare parts of their souls to the entire world that some people can’t even admit to themselves.

I find such enjoyment in hearing about the deadlines, the editing, the stress of finding a good story or even after finding said story creating a piece that will convey to readers the actual feelings the author is attempting to express. That’s probably a bit selfish on my part, taking such pleasure in their frustration, but I think part of us both know that’s all a bit of the appeal; why they do what they do. I can’t be sure and obviously its different for each individual, but writers in Phnom Penh, really writers anywhere: I applaud you.

More than that, I regard you at the utmost highest.

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