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Backlogged from April 16, 2015.

As I sit on a Wi-Fi-less plane with a few hours left on my first leg to New York, I’ve got little else to do than look at old snapshots in my Camera Roll on my iPhone.

Clearly a blessing as I skim through my phone’s thousands of photos that allow me to remember days past and memories that would only have faded with time and yet a curse as it sends my state of mind into a jumbled mess of nostalgia.

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lifestyle, Personal, Travel, United States

The punches.

The bridge

The blue hour varies from place to place, from time and from space.

To know this is a gift, a blessing and a curse.

Wouldn’t it be easier to release my hold on the world that I wish I knew?

To eat that proverbial oyster and swallow it hard along with my pride?

Is it pride or is it the need to fulfill my wanderlust?

Will that wanderlust fail me?

Did it fail my parents?

Did it ever leave them?

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