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Sometimes in a moment alone after a thread of days spent around people for extended periods of time I’ll feel a very distinct feeling of hollowness. For sanity, I require time to just be quiet and still- maybe scrolling through websites, paging through a book, or staring out the window. Although necessary and mostly tenderly enjoyable, there’s a barrenness to the space around me when instead of clattering around in the kitchen or chatter from across the room I hear only the mechanic purr of the heater and cruel tick of the clock.

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Backlogged from April 16, 2015.

As I sit on a Wi-Fi-less plane with a few hours left on my first leg to New York, I’ve got little else to do than look at old snapshots in my Camera Roll on my iPhone.

Clearly a blessing as I skim through my phone’s thousands of photos that allow me to remember days past and memories that would only have faded with time and yet a curse as it sends my state of mind into a jumbled mess of nostalgia.

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WORK IT! May 6, 2013.

Glamazon 2.0

I still haven’t quite caught my breath after a week of constant go-go-go!

From the start of last week up until today, there has been a constant stream of events, happenings, decisions, and occurrences that have left me a bit shocked at all that can happen within a span of seven days.

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