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Jane Heng‘s “Baby Man Hand

Yesterday I was awakened from a hazy sleep with a text from my landlord asking if I had a check ready for rent and I popped out of bed, immediately wrote one out, and handed it to her as she ran by with her dog, Pepper. Even though I felt a bit chagrined that I had forgotten to put the rent in the dropbox a day before, ran out with a sweatshirt hastily pulled over my slip and was caught sleeping in like a teenager- I was grateful.

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The thrum.




I imagine the heavy thrum I hear when inside an airplane being similar to that of what a baby experiences in the womb.

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Open house.

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Take one look at my planner and you’ll understand why I’d like to schedule my coffee with you two weeks in advance (three weeks if it’s dinner), why my kitchen looks the way it does (horrible), and the reason I have to hit up the gas station every few days (thank the Lord for low petrol prices).

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It’s already been a month since I made my first trek to Phnom Penh and experienced this well-known yet no less easy twelve hour layover in the McDonald’s-less Incheon Airport in Korea. The last time I was here, only a mere hundred feet away from where I sit now as I finished another entry, I was crying my eyes out. It was after a long night of slamming Soju and Asahi with Yoshi and our new friend, Misato, hashing out all of our frustrations and navigating through feelings of our impending work trip. I had experienced a restless six hours in the airport hotel, I was feeling anxious and disoriented, not knowing what to expect as I went back to the country I had left so recently and simply exhausted physically and emotionally.

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In flight

These days I often feel like I’m starring in an episode of an HBO (okay, I could go for FOX– okay, even ABC fam) TV show. Generally the type that opens with a jazzy little theme song and a cheeky vignette of the different characters in a wide range of emotions: Anna laughing, Anna swilling mimosas at brunch with her friends, Anna hugging a boy right after a breakup, Anna eating a fresh slice with her friends, Anna hopping onto a plane with the perfect carry-on sized piece of luggage in hand, Anna navigating through the streets among her “co-stars”. How fun! How cute! How relatable! Continue reading

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Recently, everyone and their aunt on the internet has been talking about the “Ban Bossy” campaign lead by some heavy hitters like Condoleeza Rice, Anna Maria Chávez (Girl Scouts CEO) and Sheryl Sandberg (along with all Jezebel readers it seems). While I agree with the core of the movement, I think it’s a bit of a waste of time. Rather than striking the term “bossy” from our vocabularies when referring to strong, commanding women (at home, the office, everywhere)- maybe we should be focusing on how we can continue to be bossy- and in bossy, I mean taking charge.

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I normally wouldn’t reblog something from a website called Couples & Co., but this entry technically written by Brad Pitt was particularly moving to me.

Enjoy, disagree, or take away from it. Happy Friday.

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$langin’: The Editor’s Letter: The Phnom Penh Way


I wrote this piece for $langin’ a few months ago and am just getting around to posting it now. My task was to share a bit about a day in the office of an English Editor at a Khmer fashion publication. While there had to be some self-imposed censorship- and mind you this was written about 3 months ago- I think it still does capture what I’ve experienced thus far.

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One Year.

Photo: Jeremie Montessuis for Film Noir Studio

It’s the 6th of September, and I arrived in Phnom Penh on the 5th last year.

I had meant to, on the one year mark of my arrival, write a blog post reviewing the past twelve months putting together a meaningful, intricate, and interesting entry to post- but over a feast of bangers and mash and rosé last night at Public House I realized I had missed the mark.

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