In flight

These days I often feel like I’m starring in an episode of an HBO (okay, I could go for FOX– okay, even ABC fam) TV show. Generally the type that opens with a jazzy little theme song and a cheeky vignette of the different characters in a wide range of emotions: Anna laughing, Anna swilling mimosas at brunch with her friends, Anna hugging a boy right after a breakup, Anna eating a fresh slice with her friends, Anna hopping onto a plane with the perfect carry-on sized piece of luggage in hand, Anna navigating through the streets among her “co-stars”. How fun! How cute! How relatable!

That must be life in general when you’re traveling and experiencing day to day, doing things you’ve never done, making eye contact with people around the city, taking the road less traveled, and ending up in unlikely situations. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making my way from coast to coast for my new job. From Seattle to New York to Santa Monica to LA then back to New York again, all waiting to hear where the next meeting will take place and wondering whether I’ll manage to fit everything in a suitcase to go back- or when I will even go back, for that matter.

Daily life went from languorous days wearing nightgowns and furry slippers in my new apartment (which I miss a lot) researching and writing emails and driving my car to Frisko Freeze to life in the West Village in an equally gorgeous lofty apartment (but a temporary living situation), hopping subway trains, ordering in Chinese delivery, and working in a high-rise office next to Central Park. Change is upon us!

It’s apparent to most that I’m a planner: I like to have structure around my calendar, set days of being in a certain place, financial stability with a set pay-day with taxes taken out immediately, and generally know what’s to come in the next month. That doesn’t seem to be an option right now, and surprisingly I am more than okay with that- maybe I even welcome it. Although I miss Tuesday lunch dates with Sally, long chats into the night with my mom, the little luxuries I don’t have access to in New York, and my network of friends and family around me in Seattle, I’m accepting this time as an opportunity to grow and well, just kind of wing it. With that sense of devil-may-care attitude comes a freedom to live everyday as it comes. I’ve been able to be open to working on exciting new projects with wonderful friends both near and far, I get to see people I would never think of seeing in different places around the world, and I foresee a lot of fresh experiences to come by allowing a bit of wonder into my life.

I’ve made new friends too, and feel like that’s one of the biggest hurdles jumped being in the city that never sleeps and full of people with their own agendas. Both my colleagues, these two girls complete my little series of episodes that I’ve been crafting and writing in my head. One Japanese-American and the other Korean-American, I fall age-wise right in between them and in other ways, too. We have enough differences between us all that we aren’t a walking, talking morphed version of one another and rather act in symbiosis to one another.

One is New York born and raised, wears silk shirts (and actually knows how to properly care for them), weighs about as much as a hummingbird, is keenly aware of each of our various levels of narcissism, acts her age, and overthinks everything in the most charming  of ways. The other is LA born and raised with rad androgynous style, street savvy, and an amazing thought process when it comes to making even the smallest of decisions. She also reminds me a bit of BMO from Adventure Time for her constant positivity and adorable quirkiness. Me? I fall somewhere in between with my stiletto nails, international viewpoints, zero college education, and being the only cat lover among the group. We’re all attracted to very different types of people and are each in different stages of relationships, are far too open about pooping, and bounce ideas, thoughts, and anecdotes off each other in rapid-fire succession. It makes for never getting bored when I’m with them, both in and out of the workplace.

I hadn’t envisioned still being in Manhattan with no specific return date when I boarded my plane in Seattle on the Sunday two weeks ago. I can’t really picture where I’ll be next month as talk of trips abroad flit around, discussions of where I live come up, and other opportunities are presented. It seems that for now I’ll just keep that film reel playing in my head and allow myself to keep falling in love with little things as they happen, choosing a song for each little “YES” moment throughout the day and thinking about the season finale of this series I’ve begun to live.

Here’s a little extra gem I’m bringing back into the viewing-feed:

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