I normally wouldn’t reblog something from a website called Couples & Co., but this entry technically written by Brad Pitt was particularly moving to me.

Enjoy, disagree, or take away from it. Happy Friday.

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Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas!

The contrast between this year’s Christmas Day and of 2012 was stark. Twelve months ago, my mom was in the United States celebrating with family and I was here in Cambodia with Allison, Nico, Giacamo, and Ritchie house sitting for our friend Dan. Allison and I woke up hungover as all get out and hurriedly found soccer socks to shove random what-nots into for Nico and Ritchie before they arrived- our Christmas gifts for our Christmas guests! Inside they found random massage coupons for Passion Spa, broken candy canes, Kurt Vonnegut/Chuck Palahniuk books, photos of our friends back in the States, tiny golden wedding gift spoons, and cigarettes- a stocking gift blend of a struggling college student, latch-key kid, and confused third cousin.

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Baby, it’s cold outside.


When I woke up this morning, I slipped into a silk blouse and debated between satin shorts or leather paneled leggings. I’m glad I went with the leggings because it’s a bone chilling 73 degrees Fahrenheit today with batches of what feels like sleet- but is only rain. I shivered on the back of the moto today on my way to work as pellets of rain splashed against my Ray Bans.

Yes, Washington friends, feel free to mentally face slap me with a gingerbread man.

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Technology: the bullying tool for cowards

great love

Cyber bullying has been around since we first got our internet on an AOL disc and to log on to instant messenger we listened to the bleeps, blurps, and buzzing of dial-up. Kids in middle school, some friends even just to be cheeky, would get snarky online or create fake accounts to make comments about my race or something about who I “liked” at the time. I lived in a predominantly Caucasian community, so comments about fortune cookies and sideways vaginas were about as lethal as one would get. Once I was asked what it was like to be the only Asian in school and that I should only be using chopsticks. I rebutted, “at least there’s an Asian Angel in Charlie’s Angels and not a fat one!” The girl messaging me was overweight, we were young, we were being mean to each other. Sad facts.

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Ladies Magazine December 2013

For the December issue, the Ladies Magazine team skipped over to Sihanoukville for a pampered stay at Independence Hotel.

Ladies December 2013

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Do blondes have more fun?


Doubt it.

But, I sure did break in my new ‘do this past Friday with a rollicking night at Bouchon‘s 2nd Year Birthday (congrats!) and a wildly embarrassing yet deliriously fun nightcap at Bar.sito (Will- you’re a Ciroc-pouring genius devil). Several people thought it was a wig, a few didn’t recognize me, and there was a lot of cheeky “did you change you hair?” Aye, hadn’t heard that one yet!

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