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AsiaLIFE Dec 2014

I remember picking up a copy of AsiaLIFE when visiting in 2012, sitting and reading at one of the tables at .BEYOND where my mom was working at the time. I picked up another copy and browsed while I shoveled spaghetti bolognese into my mouth at The Living Room washing it down with chilled lime soda.

I remember thinking how great it was that there was a publication with as much information (interesting stuff at that!) and so well done in a country that I was quickly finding to be more and more advanced than I had initially thought.

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“Jewels of war”

IMG_9660_grande Screen_Shot_2013-12-13_at_2.45.04_PM_grande

Mondays can be merde. A lot of people like to use the term “It’s not Mondays you hate, it’s your job” or something along those lines. I don’t necessarily think that’s true, I don’t hate my job, but I really dislike Mondays- but oh well; call me Garfield and give me some lasagna. This Monday though was pretty exciting.

Particularly because of the article that featured TEMPER as one of their eco-friendly brands on BBC; what an honor! We couldn’t be doing these things without a wonderful team and workshop here in Phnom Penh, amazing customers around the globe, a fabulous support team from sea to shining sea, and an amazing business partner (here’s lookin’ at you Jesse!), and the wonderful back story of our collection.

Take a peek HERE, if you’re keen!

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BTS with Seattle Met




What a delight to stop in the middle of a transpacific Skype sesh with Jesse  last night to find that a little write-up about TEMPER had just been released on Seattle Met magazine’s site!

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Meanchey Designs.


Recently I had the pleasure of being in a photoshoot with my mom, Sheila, and working with photographer Sara and stylist Asha for the Cambodian Children’s Fund. The product? Their newest addition to their wide range of projects: Meanchey Designs.

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Shop Girl. April 26, 2013.

Fancy pat

An unrelated picture of a baked potato guinea pig.


If you’re taking a visit or landing down for some expat life, I can only assume you’ve done your online search for places to shop. If not, don’t expect h&m, Sephora, and Saks. Instead, be greeted with numerous markets full of character, unfamiliar smells, and cramped spaces and the most oddly laid out malls you’ve ever seen along with a few awesome boutiques.

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