feel + flourish features TEMPER


Last week, the lovely Kaitlin from feel + flourish blog interviewed TEMPER.

‘1 // give us the scoop: what is temper all about?
It can be quite difficult to bundle TEMPER into a short story because, oh! What a fun story it is- but in short, we the designers- Anna and Jesse- have been friends for a long time. We’ve learned what the other likes, what makes them tick, what interests each other, and how we can work together in various capacities. It’s an extremely collaborative friendship, but nothing was truly able to come from it until Anna moved to Cambodia and Jesse came for a visit last August. During our time in Phnom Penh together, we really felt a draw and push to utilize our creative strengths and TEMPER was born. We are a fair trade jewelry line from Cambodia that produces quality pieces that pack a punch, while being elegant: hence our tagline “understated/statement”.’

Check the whole chat here!

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