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“Jewels of war”

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Mondays can be merde. A lot of people like to use the term “It’s not Mondays you hate, it’s your job” or something along those lines. I don’t necessarily think that’s true, I don’t hate my job, but I really dislike Mondays- but oh well; call me Garfield and give me some lasagna. This Monday though was pretty exciting.

Particularly because of the article that featured TEMPER as one of their eco-friendly brands on BBC; what an honor! We couldn’t be doing these things without a wonderful team and workshop here in Phnom Penh, amazing customers around the globe, a fabulous support team from sea to shining sea, and an amazing business partner (here’s lookin’ at you Jesse!), and the wonderful back story of our collection.

Take a peek HERE, if you’re keen!

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BTS with Seattle Met




What a delight to stop in the middle of a transpacific Skype sesh with Jesse  last night to find that a little write-up about TEMPER had just been released on Seattle Met magazine’s site!

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Cambodia, Fashion, lifestyle, Phnom Penh, United States

Seattle mag features TEMPER.


I’ve posted a few times already about TEMPER, a project I’ve been working on with a dear friend in the States, Jesse. We are honored to be featured on Seattle magazine‘s Shopping and Fashion & Style section and excited to ramp up for our release on February 3rd!

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Thanks Seattle magazine too for the fab write-up! Keep your eyes peeled for more (and a giveaway in the future, too!)