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The Family Business.


Recently, I’ve grown to love organized crime films and shows (if you’re not in with Peaky Blinders, do yourself a solid and get on it) just as much as, well, almost everyone- not just because of the gratuitous violence, gritty history, heavy one-liners, suspense, and bevy of men with slicked back hair who pull of suits extremely well but because of the fundamental family aspect of each story.

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TEMPER in The Charming City


TEMPER is now available for special order in Phnom Penh! If something shiny catches your eye, send us a note at info@temperbrand.com with your order. Orders will be placed the first week of each month, so submit your order before the 5th to get your glimmer on. Orders typically take 2 weeks for completion & payment will be arranged upon receiving the order.

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{Reblog} The Transition: from cashmere joggies to blazers



Your new workplace may not have a dress code but you should personally implement one for yourself.

via The Transition: from cashmere joggies to blazers.

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Painting by Numbers: Mischke makeup


VANITY ALERT! VANITY ALERT! In the past few months I’ve made some small changes to my makeup routine and since I last posted my entry on my daily paint and slather routine. It definitely makes a difference that I’m now grey-blonde rather than dark brown. Since then, I’ve been moving away from the every day heavy under eye liner and darker shadows and kicked pink blusher to the curb- so I’ve been getting more “what makeup do you use?”. So here it is in all it’s girlish glory. Kiss kiss?

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Lounge, lady, lounge.

Lounge life

It’s interesting and a bit frustrating to see how much I have taken free time and a flexible schedule for granted this past year. I feel that as I transition into a new chapter, time for myself  will be limited and awareness of what I need should be treated like gold. No longer do I have the flexibility of a fashion editor and writer’s schedule, the ability to work from home, take the time to work on personal projects, and pander in my own interests or projects throughout the week as I used to. Then again- I’m always waxing on how much I should just go with the flow and live day to day. Meh.

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