Lounge, lady, lounge.

Lounge life

It’s interesting and a bit frustrating to see how much I have taken free time and a flexible schedule for granted this past year. I feel that as I transition into a new chapter, time for myself  will be limited and awareness of what I need should be treated like gold. No longer do I have the flexibility of a fashion editor and writer’s schedule, the ability to work from home, take the time to work on personal projects, and pander in my own interests or projects throughout the week as I used to. Then again- I’m always waxing on how much I should just go with the flow and live day to day. Meh.

Time with the kittens, browsing the market for fresh flowers and crystals, leisurely naps, late night sweet and sour pork runs to Zeppelin, blogging, reading blogs, and knocking back B52s and white Bordeaux over the weekends are luxuries that only in the past two weeks have become treats that I may not have appreciated as much as I should have.

I’ve now got about four electronic devices on me at all times now, a planner chock full, and 3 business types of business cards I’ll need to keep track of. With the exciting and so far successful launch of TEMPER along with joining a new company, (corporate- and an environment extremely different than anything I’ve ever been in) it’s been the tornado that lifted my house out of Kansas and landed me in Oz. I’ve now moved into a two bedroom apartment in the same building which creates a lot more space for creation– that is, when I’m actually around but one more change that I’m still getting used to. This next week I look forward to at least four networking events for work which I actually thoroughly enjoy- but take up the time I spend unwinding and letting loose at the gym throughout the week. I rely on those endorphins!

Learning to balance my schedule is one of the many lessons that I’m going to be undertaking for the next few months, maybe even years, as projects pile up and I add more and more onto my plate. I’ve always been one to thrive on a busy, full schedule: idle hands are the devil’s playthings! But I do need to find the line where I stop taking on unnecessary extra curriculars, decide what and who is important to collaborate with, and in which direction I want to head.

Sometimes I envy friends and peers who freelance, choose their own hours, work at laid back startups, and decide how they operate- but I also know that the discipline, ability to work long and sometimes difficult hours, and juggle both personal and professional endeavors is something I don’t know I would necessarily be able to achieve as a personal strength in that sort of setting. I’m grateful for the opportunity to decide whether this is something that I’m cut out for and think I can take the bull by the balls and put my business cat pants on and get to it. I’ve got plenty of time to explore what works best for me and how I can most give back to whoever I work for or with. One thing I’ve figured out already is to really sit back, relax, and take it easy when the moments to do so present themselves.

So I’ll sit here in my satin pajama set, sip on a mid-day Sunday whisky, listen to The Kinks, and cuddle with Queso and Catsby- because tomorrow, it’s back to the grind. The first part of getting ahead is getting started…so here I go.


  1. How did you find work as a fashion editor and writer? Any leads that you would recommend? Thanks for the great blog..interesting and well written. :-)

    1. Hi Scott,

      Thanks for the compliment! I’m not REALLY in a position to tell anyone how to find a job in writing or editing because all I did was just..go for it. I contacted local publications about freelancing, started my blog, and had some samples ready and went from there! I suppose my advice would be to contact as many publications you can with a sample or portfolio of what you have (seriously, I’ve never even gone to school for this which is probably very obvious to any proper journalist) and see if they’re interested! Good luck and my best.

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