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Kiss and MAKE-UP.


This week on my tumblr site (HERE) someone asked the question:

“Your makeup is so beautiful! What products do you use? Also, what is the process?! :D”

So I answered and thought ‘hey, might as well throw it up on the blog too’. I’m always being asked random “what color is that?”, “what brand do you use for ____?”, “how do I get this look?” and this might help clear up a few questions or point ya’ll in the right direction in the cosmetics hall (or navigating Sephora dot com)!

I’ve been enthralled by makeup and it’s ability to transform, change, and heighten ever since my dad brought me home a bright red tube of Revlon lipstick when I was four years old as costume fun. My little sister got into it and made a massive mess, brought me to tears and a sworn hatred towards her for the rest of the night, and she required a severe bath- but kickstarted what would be a long and delightful adventure into the world of makeup.

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Painting by Numbers: Mischke makeup


VANITY ALERT! VANITY ALERT! In the past few months I’ve made some small changes to my makeup routine and since I last posted my entry on my daily paint and slather routine. It definitely makes a difference that I’m now grey-blonde rather than dark brown. Since then, I’ve been moving away from the every day heavy under eye liner and darker shadows and kicked pink blusher to the curb- so I’ve been getting more “what makeup do you use?”. So here it is in all it’s girlish glory. Kiss kiss?

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