BASIK 855.

Few times does a social project and fair trade brand blend style, fair working practices, strong business ethics, and heart to create a fabulous product. Basik 855 does such a thing.

I’m impressed by the BASIK 855 designs that sit on the pulse of fashion (hello, Free People!) while truly giving their staff what they deserve (as written below in their ‘about us‘).

I strongly encourage friends near and far to visit their website, check out their goods, and if you feel so inclined- buy a handbag, a tote, or a gorgeous floor pillow to help support a brand that in my opinion, truly sets the bar high for business owners in Cambodia.

“One of the reasons we started basik 855 is because we wanted to do business as we think itought to be done.

What does this mean? First, we pay our employees a fair living wage that they wouldn’t receive in garment factories.

Beyond a living wage, we believe in offering a competitive benefits package that includes medical reimbursements, annual eye care exams, public holidays, paid time off, and maternity leave.

When we outsource work, we collaborate with like-minded partners. We work with sewing enterprises that employ people from vulnerable backgrounds to develop their skills in order to build better futures.

We’re not a charity, but we respect our artisans. This simple vision has guided us from the very beginning.”


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