Anonymous. June 10, 2013.


I received this interesting message over the weekend and thought I’d share. The sender wanted to remain anonymous, but I really appreciated her taking the time to pen (type) out her initial reaction to our meeting and then further, her change of mind.

While never have I introduced myself as a journalist (I’m really not), I always hope to continue writing in some capacity and form, learning, expressing, sharing-through my words whether it be through a publication, a blog, or a journal.

This show of support made my day and I appreciate it, Ms. Anon.

“Hi Anna,

Read this all (very long, sorry) email. It may sounds weird, but it ends well I promise.

Well, where to start ?

First saying that you don’t know me.

I just met you once, randomly in PP, during one of the WUPP Party few months ago, because we both had relations in common.

I met you and we introduced to each other. The first thing I told you was “Damn, you’re beautiful !” to which you replied “Oh shut up !”. And that was it. The only words we exchanged. haha !

After that day, I won’t lie, I was quite septic concerning your skills as a journalist. Yeah, that’s horrible but, when you meet a stunning girl complaining about everyone telling her that she’s beautiful you, (well I) consider it as condescension. Probably a (not so) hidden jealousy feeling.

So that was months ago, I sadly left PP, and today, while reading an article in the WUPP facebook page, surfing and clicking, I ended in you blog.

Well, that’s the point of my message : I must say that I misjudged you. You are talented. Some of your articles made me laugh, some others touched me, and this ability to touch one’s feeling with your words is the perfect illustration of your sharp talent.

So in other words : Go On Girl !


A girl from Paris.

PS ; I’m not a sociopath, not a lesbian, not a voyeur, I don’t expect any answer and i know that this mail can sound weird (and I’ll probably be like “Girl, why don’t you just SHUT UP”) but I mean, I misjudged, I was stroke by your words, seems legit to admit it to the right person. Cheers !

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  1. I think one thing that people who read your blog and feel vexed by the abundance of good fortune your genes bestowed upon you should be made aware of, before they judge you this way and that, is that you’re a nice person. You are friendly and stuff. You aren’t mean to people and you play well with others. Youth and beauty are wonderful, but the former fades with time and the latter is in the eye of the beholder. I respect people who are kind to other people and you seem to be usually – I don’t know you well enough to state it as an absolute and we all have bad days here and there, but that’s what I’d assume based on a little observation and interaction. So people should let you enjoy your youth, they can enjoy beholding your beauty if that’s their inclination, and hopefully life will be good for anyone who finds the time to be good towards everyone that they can when they can wherever they can if they can. (Nope, no point to my comment, just wrote it because I can.)

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