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AsiaLIFE Dec 2014

I remember picking up a copy of AsiaLIFE when visiting in 2012, sitting and reading at one of the tables at .BEYOND where my mom was working at the time. I picked up another copy and browsed while I shoveled spaghetti bolognese into my mouth at The Living Room washing it down with chilled lime soda.

I remember thinking how great it was that there was a publication with as much information (interesting stuff at that!) and so well done in a country that I was quickly finding to be more and more advanced than I had initially thought.

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Happy birthday, WUPP!


It’s been two years since I’ve started writing for WUPP (What’s Up Phnom Penh) as they had released their first issue the month before I arrived. So to celebrate their 2nd birthday is a treat not only for the WUPP team, but for me as well. I’m proud to have seen this little magazine make it’s mark across Phnom Penh with its black and hot pink cover being known by the masses.

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Ladies November 2013

Another month of Ladies Magazine Cambodia, comin’ at ya!

Ladies November 13