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Do blondes have more fun?


Doubt it.

But, I sure did break in my new ‘do this past Friday with a rollicking night at Bouchon‘s 2nd Year Birthday (congrats!) and a wildly embarrassing yet deliriously fun nightcap at Bar.sito (Will- you’re a Ciroc-pouring genius devil). Several people thought it was a wig, a few didn’t recognize me, and there was a lot of cheeky “did you change you hair?” Aye, hadn’t heard that one yet!

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Hair Envy: November 14.

elle-canada-2013-11-nov (dragged) 15

Simple having a mild freak-out over this absolutely perfect pompadour.

Ideal for hair that can go stick straight and hold- it makes me want to chop my lengthy lock off and get a bit of an edge.

Elle Canada, November 2013
Photographer: Neil Mota
Stylist: Fritz
Makeup: Cynthia Christina
Hair: Liliane Salloum
Model: Ryan Martel

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WORK IT! May 6, 2013.

Glamazon 2.0

I still haven’t quite caught my breath after a week of constant go-go-go!

From the start of last week up until today, there has been a constant stream of events, happenings, decisions, and occurrences that have left me a bit shocked at all that can happen within a span of seven days.

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