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An update.

Photo credit: Jesse Morrow

All may seem quiet on the Southeast Asian front in the life of Anna- however it’s anything but. Hence my lack of blog posts. Nothing exorbitantly exciting (other than some freelance work based things that I am actually really chomping at the bit about) has happened since the out-of-towners left but I’ve managed to stay busy with various things-¬†photoshoots, designing, working on collaborations, freelancing, networking, working, etc etc etc.

This post¬†will be short, since I literally don’t have much to say about my own personal life, well- at least that I want on the internet. Have to keep some of the mystery alive, eh?

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So much thanksgiving.


Technically I am a day late posting for Thanksgiving (in Cambodia and even America). My slight lateness does not reflect how grateful I am for what I have been received this year, both tangible and intangible.

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The last week or so.

Highly important stuff, obviously.

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Photo Roll #4