An update.

Photo credit: Jesse Morrow

All may seem quiet on the Southeast Asian front in the life of Anna- however it’s anything but. Hence my lack of blog posts. Nothing exorbitantly exciting (other than some freelance work based things that I am actually really chomping at the bit about) has happened since the out-of-towners left but I’ve managed to stay busy with various things- photoshoots, designing, working on collaborations, freelancing, networking, working, etc etc etc.

This post will be short, since I literally don’t have much to say about my own personal life, well- at least that I want on the internet. Have to keep some of the mystery alive, eh?

A few things to note:

– Mom (seriously- she needs to update her blog) is back in the States, living it up in her new apartment with a new job with old friends in gorgeous Tacoma. She’s also about 8 blocks away from my little sister which is wonderful (although I’m a bit jealous)- but hey, I had my time with her here so I can’t be too selfish. She’s also at the MAC counter without me. Bless her soul, I miss those times!

– TEMPER has added a new member to our team and we’re so excited to be working with Miss Jordan. I could say what everyone does and say “watch this space” but I’m not going to because I have a feeling you’re on Facebook or some sort of social media everyday so you’re eventually just going to see the new things happening regardless. Welcome Jordan, we’re stoked to have you on board! TEMPER will also be available at Paperdolls on Street 57 near BROWN Coffee Roastery by next weekend and is now available at PIPE/ROW in Seattle, an amazing little boutique run by the killer Kayla. Treat yoself. Or start thinking of Christmas presents!

– I’m a bit shocked that Thanksgiving is already next week. No, I won’t be attending an overpriced hotel buffet or party, embassy event, or party with a bunch of random people I barely know (but thanks for the invite if you sent one). I’m going to do what I did last year and make my own stuffing, get a roast chicken, order mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC because Cambodian potatoes for some reason just make a gluey mess and drink lots of prosecco at my apartment, maybe set up the Christmas tree and then proceed to watch the cats knock it over.

– There are going to be some extremely cool things to share soon from all corners of life…I can’t wait to release the deets!

Open the gates of the gravy dam, good sirs!

And friends remember: whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, think it’s an awful tradition because of what really went down in history, or don’t give much thought to it at all: be grateful for what you have. It may be little, it may be a lot- but acknowledging that you have something whether tangible or not is what will keep your eyes open to the good things. It can be easier to focus on what you don’t have rather than what you do- but what a gross cycle to get into. Trust me, I know. Be happy with or without.

And on that note, thanks for reading my blog. I’m always slightly surprised to hear when people do. :)

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