ithinkasia: The Who, Part One

Photo: ithinkasia
Photo: ithinkasia

This past year I had the delight and honor to meet with some of the team at ithinkasia: a fresh, innovative, fun, and impactful pre and post production house in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Getting to know the business was one brilliant thing (I still couldn’t even begin to explain the ins and outs of a production house, but getting to know the team behind the name was an even bigger treat.

Not only does ithinkasia use the skills they have to add benefit a growing and emerging market- but they do it with heart. Meet Lee, one of the awesome guys I met when diving into their world of animation, drawing, and storytelling.

Here’s a snippet:

“Lee’s background is in media and he had been in the business for roughly eight years before beginning a career with ithinkasia. He worked closely in television with previous jobs for shows on the editing side, some being the Khmer soap operas you’ll see when flipping through the television and others music videos full of passion, heartache, and lost loves. Editing these things were something that brought Lee life, that sparked his interest in editing, and introduced him to the thing in which he is still most enthusiastic about. When the topic came up, it was apparent that Lee finds editing and color grading to be the most gripping aspect of production when he shared vibrantly, “I love editing, especially for films and movies and color grading, I really love it. This kind of job is part of my life; it’s the thing that I love to do.”

…but read on!

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