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Pinkies Out!

Pinkies out!

Pinkies out!

A History of High Tea (via Public House)

“Etiquette was that rule of conduct which was recognised by polite society, and to which all who desired to be admitted into fashionable circles had to submit.”

English Victorian women, as this advice from 1856 in A Manual of Etiquette For Ladies suggested, were to “give especial heed to the rules of etiquette. Their position in society demanded this. 

This was life for middle class women in Victorian England. Propriety was everything, and nothing was more proper than an English cup of tea.

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Winging It. May 9, 2013.

Wild Wings.


After months of harried schedules, my friend Chad and I were finally able to hold down a day for lunch.

While I pitched the usuals- Sushi Bar, Vego, Pho, etc etc. I nearly jumped out my seat with excitement when he mentioned a new place in town called Wild Wing. He informed me that the restaurant, fittingly, served wings. He hadn’t heard anything about it from anyone else and there was nothing online to share about it other than the address so obviously, this was the first choice.

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The last week or so.

Highly important stuff, obviously.

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Photo Roll #4

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Photo Roll #3

I know I haven’t done a proper entry in a while, but it’s been a bit of a bananas week writing four articles for WUPP! along with the usual day to day.

For now, more irrelevant photos.