An Nam & Fam. June 7, 2013.

I had the most captivating and delightful evening at An Nam last night with new friend Stéphane and his amazing children- Théa, Carla, and Matis along with Ritchie.

We dined on fresh, piquant Vietnamese fare- bo bun, fresh rolls, bánh uót, and lettuce wraps-while learning all about each other’s childhood’s, both current and past. I was in awe at the vigor, excitement, inquisitiveness, and talent of Théa, Carla, and Matis-each excelling in different areas that they have honed in on.

While they’re all looking forward to going back to Nice, France, I am disappointed I won’t have more time to get to know them and feast at all of our favorite places together. Switching between French and English as Stéphane courteously demanded (I felt lame, I should learn French instead) Carla and I bonded over the shared adoration for cheeseburgers and tattoos (at 12, she’s got some time before she can partake in the latter), Matis and Ritchie had chat about the design industry and photography in which Matis is particularly talented, and Théa shared how much she loved L.A. when on vacation and that one day, she had high hopes to become an actress. Théa also shared her insights on my blog and what she wanted to read and possibly add, Carla chiming in every so often.

I loved their questioning what I had wanted to be when I “grew up” when I was a kid and I answered honestly: I didn’t know and I still don’t know! But I had wanted to be a marine biologist then a lawyer then a makeup artist then a therapist then a teacher and that it will continue to change for all of us another half dozen times, at least.

I have had a lack of contact with anyone under the age of eighteen in the past 10 months and last night made me realize how much I really miss it.

I forgot to get a photo of us all together, but maybe sometime soon!

The world is lucky to have this family.

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