Pinkies Out!

Pinkies out!
Pinkies out!

A History of High Tea (via Public House)

“Etiquette was that rule of conduct which was recognised by polite society, and to which all who desired to be admitted into fashionable circles had to submit.”

English Victorian women, as this advice from 1856 in A Manual of Etiquette For Ladies suggested, were to “give especial heed to the rules of etiquette. Their position in society demanded this. 

This was life for middle class women in Victorian England. Propriety was everything, and nothing was more proper than an English cup of tea.

Yesterday afternoon I was delighted to have been invited to the start of High Tea at Public House. Of course I had to take Edinburgh born Duncan with me to show me the true ways of a high tea, as the closest I think I’ve come to a high tea is dipping Cheez-Its into a bowl of Top Ramen.

For an hour and a half, we reveled in Earl Grey, many a glass of brut champagne, tea sandwiches (the only disappointing part was the cucumber sandwich lacked cream cheese-but I don’t know if that’s something Yanks have inflicted on said teensy sandwich), fresh baked scones straight from the Public House oven paired with clotted cream and perfectly tart jam, and finished with devilishly sweet and delectable pastries from La Pátisserie.

As the Norbert-Munns brothers continue to take over Street 240 1/2  with their ever popular establishments (Public House, Bar.Sito, more to come..), something like a High Tea offered from Tuesday through Friday from 3pm-5:30pm (minimum 2 guests) just adds to the charm of the tiny alleyway. As more incredible spots begin to open their doors in proximity, this little lane seems it will continue to prove to be one of the top spots for the well to do, or more like well to drink (or those who appreciate a good burger).

To enjoy the High Tea experience at Public House, call a day prior for reservations: 017 770 754 and remember, make sure you’ve got someone in tow to be fancy with.


Duncan being a priss
Duncan being a priss

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