Public House. May 29, 2013.

Public House cheeseburger in paradise

I’ve waxed-poetic about Bar.Sito -its undeniably delicious Malongotini and unassuming exterior that leads into a rich, smoky den.

I now welcome with open arms its sister, Public House.

Beach house-cum-bistro, Public House is a refreshing addition to my rotating nosh schedule.

Ritchie, my mom, and I popped into Public House before a drink at Sito when they discovered what a terrible mood I was in from lack of food; it was an excellent decision, both for their sanity and my appetite. We sampled the Fish and Chips along with the House Soup (a vegetable medley with a side of crisp cheese croutons) and sipped chilled Rosé  and Sauvignon Blanc. The space had a nice hum of noise even though every seat was full and I never once felt rushed the entire evening.

Everything from the soft seagrass green of the walls, the wooden cutting board slabs the fare is served on, the sharply uniformed staff to the minimal decor is tasteful, understated, and a far cry from so many overstuffed haunts in the city.

One of Stéphane’s magazines I explored

I had the immense pleasure of meeting an interesting and dynamic fellow, Stéphane, yesterday evening over another glass of Rosé, stacks of incredible magazines, and what might possibly be the best (bistro style) burger in Phnom Penh.

I know my opinion changes monthly on where the most delicious burger resides; and while I do love the offerings from Open Wine and The Exchange- Public House is putting up a fair fight with gloves off. It could have been the crisp bacon, an especially exciting addition considering it didn’t have a mention on the menu or the velvety sour cream side that made all the difference, but it all came together to create a mouthwatering spectacle.

I have a meeting tonight at Sito, but I may switch the locale to its neighbor PH to confirm my cheeseburger suspicions.

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