Help? May 29, 2013.


As just vented via social media, my travel agent has dropped the ball. I suppose I have as well.

I should have been more assertive in the situation and double checked those sticky, small print facts, but it’s looking like my ticket with Korean Air expires September 5th and it turns out that I cannot, as mentioned before, schedule my trip for December even if I book before the September expiration date.

I know it should have made less sense when exploring those options earlier but the thought of wearing multiple sweaters, seeing my best friends and family, and drinking hot apple cider deadened my common sense and I got lost in a mental Winter wonderland.

This question is  catfish noodling in a murky, dark pool but is there anyone out there who may have gotten around this by paying a fee, talking their way into a ticket change, anything?

I’m feeling defeated and the images of a Christmas in the Northwest are melting as quickly as an April snow.


  1. Not to assume anything- this is my first time on your blog- but have you either called the airline or written a very very strongly worded email? I haven’t dealt with Korean Air in particular, but I’ve often found that airlines usually respond to threats of never using them again/telling your friends to never use them again. By honoring a voucher they’re not actually losing money, and you should remind them that by not honoring yours, they’re effectively stealing from you. No one likes to be a bitch to people they don’t know, but sometimes it’s worth it. I suggest spending a few hours complaining to the highest person you’re able to get to. If you fail, all you’ve lost is a little time, but if you get through to someone (and it’s a huge airline so I’d say you have a good chance of complaining up to someone who can help) then you stand to gain a lot. Best of luck!

    1. Hi Emma,
      Thanks for the advice, I always appreciate a try for a solution. Unfortunately, I’ve tried all those routes and they simply won’t budge. I’m no stranger to assertiveness when it comes to Customer Service or in some cases “customer service”, but this is an example of the company not really being in the wrong and moreso things getting lost in translation between airline, agent, and customer. Fortunately, I’ve been able to work out a trip before the ticket ACTUALLY expires-which was total luck. Again, thanks for taking the time to help a girl out and for taking a gander at MISCHKEBUSINESS!

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