Winging It. May 9, 2013.

Wild Wings.


After months of harried schedules, my friend Chad and I were finally able to hold down a day for lunch.

While I pitched the usuals- Sushi Bar, Vego, Pho, etc etc. I nearly jumped out my seat with excitement when he mentioned a new place in town called Wild Wing. He informed me that the restaurant, fittingly, served wings. He hadn’t heard anything about it from anyone else and there was nothing online to share about it other than the address so obviously, this was the first choice.

Located on St. 294 (Building #49) in BKK1, Wild Wing has an interesting aesthetic. A blend between a sports bar (you couldn’t actually call it that considering there are only two televisions) with a game schedule posted out front and a garden bistro (there’s a tree growing out of the ground behind the bar…) and a coffee shop (there were groups of teens hanging about on their cell phones on leather couches), and an American chain restaurant (the menus felt a bit Applebee’s), I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the meal.

We started off with deviled eggs which are a personal favorite for both. While they couldn’t touch the D.E. I had back home rich with loads of mustard and mayonnaise and chives and paprika, they did the trick and were full of red onions that gave them just enough flavor that I would order them again for $2.75.

We shared a cheeseburger, which was nothing exciting. Seasoned with wing sauce and fairly greasy, I’m glad it was only $3.50 and it was shared. The fries were delicious though…and for those who are fans of sweet potato fries, they’re on the menu.

The wings came along in a cute little bucket, all 12 of them perfectly coated in the tell-tale bright Buffalo wing sauce. I was expecting a punch since we ordered the wings “Spicy” instead of Medium or Mild, but unfortunately for this palate they barely had any spice to them at all. We’ll definitely have to order hotter next time, isn’t that the point of wings? They did stay hot throughout the entire meal which was nice and came with RANCH. Oh beautiful ranch. I miss it with pizza, fries, everything, so to have it here was an extra treat. I dipped my carrots, celery, wings, and fingers in with delight.

The drinks menu offered almost anything you’d want, but with a few extra offerings on the brew menu like Hoegaarden and San Miguel that you can’t find everywhere. It was a bit hot as there are only 4 airconditioners to cool the entire building, which is large with high ceilings and I’m afraid that if I did finally get some wings with a kick, I’d be sweating. It seems they got a bit confused with some of their marketing with menus reading “Wild Wing” and other things reading “Wild Wings”, but that’s a small blip on the radar if ultimately they can serve me some wild wings.

After posting a photo on Instagram & Facebook (sorry guys, but I’m a total food poster), I had four six people within the hour asking how it was. With only a few places in Phnom Penh that sell wings, half of them being ridiculously overpriced and the other half being disgusting, I thought I’d share what could become everyone’s new favorite wing spot. Thanks Wild Wing. I’ll be back.

Wild Wing: 077 827 799 or 015 997 717

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