It’s Friday. May 31, 2013.


Thank God it’s Friday- I hate that term.

It reminds me of TGIFriday (awful chain restaurant most Americans are at least aware of that is probably everything I dislike about franchised family dining establishments) and automatically makes the assumption that your week was miserable and you should be glad it’s over; basically that the weekend is the answer to all of your weekday woes.

I did, however, utter the phrase as I walked into the office this morning for a few reasons.

While this whole week has been exhausting to say the least with multiple meetings in a night after work, more wine than I usually consume, and staying out far past my usual bedtime; it was incredible in countless ways.

1. Although I had a slight meltdown (see post: Help?) about my ticket to the States during Christmas not working out, all may just come together anyway. My mom and sister will be going back  from Cambodia right around the time my ticket expires, my best friends now living in Pittsburgh and San Francisco will be making their own journeys back for a Washington vacation, AND tickets are cheaper during that time of the year. See, good things come to those who…kind of wait.

2. I’ve received amazing feedback from equally amazing people and partners this week on a project I am currently working on with alongside a new partner. While it has already gone through several changes, the future is bright and while I know there will be a lot of time intensive work involved- I couldn’t be more excited. I am so grateful for the time and effort peers, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances are putting into this whether it be offering services, consulting, or even just lending an ear; it’s truly fantastic to see people coming together in such a way I haven’t experienced quite until now.

3. I have gotten to learn more about said glorious individuals more and more with the time I get to spend with them. I love the passionate people in this city who are doing what it takes to make their aspirations a reality and they’re not afraid of a little sweat and blood to make it all happen. Not only am I loving the time I get to spend with future project partners, I’m also reveling in the joys of continuing to meet interesting and funny people through others, whether it be Ritchie or my mom or even people through work-I just feel like the luckiest.

4. I’m apartment hunting. My relationship with looking for dwelling places is a love-hate one and kind of an emotional roller coaster I have to prepare myself for each time I decide to pack up. I get excited looking at the photos of “spacious” and “modern” apartments and then have my hopes dashed when I walk into a clinical, Khmer style space with weird tiles or raunchy bathrooms or walk into a living room so cramped with IKEA wannabe furniture I start having breathing problems. When an apartment I particularly had my eyes on turned out to be rented-it took a few long seconds to decide whether I was going to just give up for the night in a huff or continue on the search. We continued, and still didn’t find anything. But I have a growing faith that I’ll just happen to find a place that suits me perfectly.

5. Last year, I made the grave mistake of forgetting to renew my visa. There’s a whole blog post about it- my embarrassment, irritation, learning-all that junk- and how I had learned my lesson. WELL APPARENTLY NOT. As my passport was being used for applications, my business partner called me and said “you know your visa is about to expire, right?” I had to play it cool and say “oh yeah, work has it covered” and while they are willing to take care of it all for me, I hadn’t taken any steps in making sure that was going to happen within the next five days before that darned thing expires. I am so lucky I didn’t screw myself over on this one again. No one would have wanted to hear me whining about it this time around. Not that they ever did in the first place…

It’s been a memorable week; but I’m still glad it’s Friday. Why? Because I get to live here another day. I get to be here another day of the week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday-no matter. On a Friday, I live and breathe and do stuff, whatever it is, in a continually awe-inspiring and exciting country with people that I love. That’s why I’m thanking God that it’s Friday.

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