A quick schooling about macarons, according to an apparent macaron connoisseur. PREACH!

the french who reinvete the macaron
the japanese in Paris who reinvente the macaron (my favorite)
the pâtisisier who invente the macaron
One day, they will be mine, oh yes. They will be mine.
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Apartment. June 5, 2013.


I’m a bit shocked.

A bit nauseated, a bit jittery, and all sorts of excited- much like I’ve drunk too many espressos.

The reasoning for this is we finally, (sigh) finally found an apartment.

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Rockabilly. June 4, 2013.

JaVos 1

For this issue of WUPP magazine, Ryan Drewe Taylor of The Dollhouse, Brooke Scobie of Kitty Demolition Beauty Services, NRG FM, Jeremie Montessuis of Film Noir Studio, and JaVo’s Jeans combined forces to create a fab photo shoot!

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