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Today is the day when Facebook feeds are full of bared fangs, throngs of sexy nurses/teachers/kittens/cops/robbers/whatevers, and event invites boasting nights of fear, frivolity, and bloody shots shots shots shots shots! Halloween, here you are again.

I don’t remember what I  did for Halloween last year, so obviously it wasn’t that big of a deal, and the year before I just stole someone’s Oktoberfest hat and got really drunk off Absolut at a house party. I think that was the last time I really did much for the occasion. I did do a pretty fun photo shoot this year, THE BABYSITTER, that had Halloween written all over it- but other than that my plans for tonight are less than werewolf worthy. Now when all the “scary” things come out to play on the 31st of October, I can’t really think of anything other than how badly I want pizza- lots of pizza- and that totally works because Freddy Kruger’s face was fashioned after the scarily good savory pie by head makeup artist David Miller.

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anna cat

Tomorrow the ghosts, spooks, and trickery come out for Halloween in Cambodia.

Since roughly mid October my Facebook, Instagram, and tumblr have been overwrought with photos of “sexy Cookie Monster”, plenty of hot skeletons, “The Joker” (really? that’s still en mode?), the cats of the year (Grumpy, Nyan, et al) and Wes Anderson characters along with a spattering of stories on news pages about celebrities or this dolt (who- GREAT, JUST GREAT– is apparently coming to Cambodia soon) who think black face is a delightful and jaunty costume, perfect for a 21st century birthday soiree.

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WUPP! Halloween Party

A few photos with Ms. Dear Lady Expatriate and Sam.

I had a fever and cough, so went as the Black Plague.

WUPP! Halloween Party at The Eighty8

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Photo Roll #1

A pile of nonsensical photos.