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anna cat

Tomorrow the ghosts, spooks, and trickery come out for Halloween in Cambodia.

Since roughly mid October my Facebook, Instagram, and tumblr have been overwrought with photos of “sexy Cookie Monster”, plenty of hot skeletons, “The Joker” (really? that’s still en mode?), the cats of the year (Grumpy, Nyan, et al) and Wes Anderson characters along with a spattering of stories on news pages about celebrities or this dolt (who- GREAT, JUST GREAT– is apparently coming to Cambodia soon) who think black face is a delightful and jaunty costume, perfect for a 21st century birthday soiree.

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Kittens, inspired by kittens. July 3, 2013.

Here’s a little shot from a photo shoot I did with the talented Mr. Montana Rakz last night.


What a treat to work with Montana in the studio for the first time!

Big thanks to Ryan Drewe Taylor from The Dollhouse for my big hair and acting as patient kitty holder.

Thank you Philippa for the wonderful Atticus & Simba and working with our hectic schedules.