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Tomorrow the ghosts, spooks, and trickery come out for Halloween in Cambodia.

Since roughly mid October my Facebook, Instagram, and tumblr have been overwrought with photos of “sexy Cookie Monster”, plenty of hot skeletons, “The Joker” (really? that’s still en mode?), the cats of the year (Grumpy, Nyan, et al) and Wes Anderson characters along with a spattering of stories on news pages about celebrities or this dolt (who- GREAT, JUST GREAT– is apparently coming to Cambodia soon) who think black face is a delightful and jaunty costume, perfect for a 21st century birthday soiree.

My plans for Halloween consist of either a) going to a theater to watch the release of the new Carrie with the ever-charming Chloe Grace Moretz even covered in blood (see: Let Me In) or b) downloading the new Carrie/buying the new Carrie at one of the DVD stores so that I don’t have to deal with the waves of people piss-pantsing themselves and screeching at the mere bat of a bat’s wing.

What would be truly scary for my peers is to see my failed attempts at partying and staying out past 11pm, making a mess, and not being able to attend Oktoberfest the following night (complete with an authentic and customized Dirndl, thanks to The History of Things to Come) so I shall be imbibing in popcorn and if I’m truly feeling rowdy on a Thursday night, some hard apple ciders- to really get in the spirit of things.

here lies

I then will probably try and add to the growing list of cat/horror film puns a few friends and I have begun.

A few favorites:

Kitten in the Woods

House of 1000 Jiros (Ryan’s cat)

The Texas Chainsaw Meowsaccre

Cattibal Holocaust

Seed of Kitty (Ryan)

Catspuuuur the Friendly Ghost (Dan)

Rosemary’s Kitty

The Silence of the Cats

The Meowthers

An American Kitty in Paris (Ryan)

Ameowican Psycho

Paranormal Cat-ivity

The Purrrge


Clawn of the Dead

Litter Shop of Horrors (Dan)


Paw I, Paw II, Paw III, Paw IV, Paw V, Paw VI (Dan)

The Ameowityville Horror

The Last Cat on the Left (Ryan)

28 Kitties Later (Ryan)

What are YOUR Halloween plans and/or costume? Or have any good cat horror puns to add to the list?

Halloween 2012 with Ms Ashley: I manned up, got out of my bed with a fever, slapped on a mask, and called myself the Black Plague.
Halloween 2012 with Ms Ashley: I manned up, got out of my bed with a fever, slapped on a mask, and called myself the Black Plague.

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