Project Pietà.

Courtesy of Project Pietà Facebook
Courtesy of Project Pietà Facebook

There are countless fashion projects, concepts, brands, organizations, teams, and designers that I look at basically every single work day. Call it…research.

Sure, I’d love that cashmere skull cap or that set of rose gold chevron print bracelets- but rarely never enough to enter my bank account info and make a purchase, especially from overseas.

Project Pietà, however, was shown to me by a friend today and immediately, I was blown away. As the site boldly and simply states: “AN IMPERTINENT AND IRREVERENT PROJECT, INDEPENDENT AND SPONTANEOUS.”

There is a difference between some designers or brands seeking out a problem to support themselves, lifting their name and product into the sky, saying it will save lives while focusing in on a crisis and not letting it go. I guess you learn a little bit about this the more and more time you spend here.

Then there are groups that take a hard look at the reality of genuine lives and stories that exist and what can be done with them in the state they’re in, move forward, and instill something great; of creation, aptitude, and accomplishment while producing incredible items in the process.

Look & learn.

Alejandra, Establecimiento Penitenciario Mujeres "Santa Monica", Chorillos, Lima.
Alejandra, Establecimiento Penitenciario Mujeres “Santa Monica”, Chorillos, Lima.

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