Repost: Leather. Wool. And Snark.

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I’ve just been introduced to the site from my mom, who continues to surprise me (why am I surprised still?) with her wit, ability, and natural instinct of when I need a boost and some instruction.

I initially read the piece about startups (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) then moved onto this delightful morsel: Leather. Wool. And Snark.  about Cintra Wilson (delightfully scathing writer and cultural critic who up until recently, published columns in the New York Times)


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  1. Lol. After reading melanie’s genius essay on the brilliant way to a multi million $ startup i went to her startups site. GREAT concept except that none of the links would open… Maybe just my mobile device? Irregardless, she is an amazing writer! Shud have kept her day job or better yet she shud just write a book & become the David Sedaris of fashion. It’s funny too that she has’nt had times since 2012 to post to her blog since she clearly is busy trying to manage website tech issues… Hope you & your mom are well! ;)

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