Cambodia, Phnom Penh


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Don’t forget your sunscreen! I STILL have that tanline.

I attended the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in Seattle for my esthetics license in 2007- so I know a positive spa experience when I see (feel) one. Although I’m not a certified masseuse,  I learned some technique and just naturally know what feels good- at least for myself. Considering the cost of getting a massage, even at the top tier places in Cambodia, is at the most a fourth of the cost of what it would be back in the United States- I don’t think I’ve gone out and experienced enough. Better take advantage of it while I can!

I have had a few though since living here (and my last visit) and thought I’d share my time at each place.

If you’re a sleaze looking for where to get your happy ending, take your grody little fingers and click the ‘BACK’ button.

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When I first jetted into Phnom Penh, I remember seeing a little magazine called ‘Whats Up Phnom Penh’, better known as WUPP, with it’s hot pink letters, black background, and stark cover photo all over the place.

I had the chance to meet with Antony, one member of the WUPP team, when I was working at .BEYOND (interiors) and eventually began writing for them. On their third month in publication- I was on board.

Now that we (WUPP and I) have been in Cambodia for almost a year or longer, I’ve got a special place in my heart for the teensy magazine, doing big work covering a lot of businesses and staying as up to date as possible with all things happening on the PP scene.

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