When I first jetted into Phnom Penh, I remember seeing a little magazine called ‘Whats Up Phnom Penh’, better known as WUPP, with it’s hot pink letters, black background, and stark cover photo all over the place.

I had the chance to meet with Antony, one member of the WUPP team, when I was working at .BEYOND (interiors) and eventually began writing for them. On their third month in publication- I was on board.

Now that we (WUPP and I) have been in Cambodia for almost a year or longer, I’ve got a special place in my heart for the teensy magazine, doing big work covering a lot of businesses and staying as up to date as possible with all things happening on the PP scene.

Here are links to some of the work I’ve done for WUPP:

Tooniq: “If you want your friend to open a gift box and laugh, this is the place”

Little Kitchen: Responsible Ingredients

Cha’Nails: Nailed It!

UR WUPP Model: Anna

Bodia Spa: The Cambodian Cocoon

True Brands: No Fakes Allowed

Syna’Styling: Makeup Artist

JaVo’s Jeans: A feeling of comfort with a bit of glam rock

Tuk Tuk of The Month: Neth

Le Temps des Cerises: A Different Café

Sun Kang: Black Star Tattoo

Paperdolls: The Shop of Small Wonders

New Girl’s Necessities in Phnom Penh: Anna Mischke

Tuk Tuk of the Month: Mr. Robin


*pardon any wee title (or subtitle) mistakes or errors-these go through the editor after I’ve submitted the article :3

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