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Not just my card.


I’d like to take a moment and share an MBA, a Mischke Business announcement: just because I currently work in the insurance field does not mean my sole interests lie in Death and Disablement, Medivac, Benefit Tables, and taking your money for reasons many believe aren’t necessary.

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Repost: Natalie Polson, Khmer American, returns to her roots to unveil SEEN.


This article was featured on Anvaya, a network that aims to:

  1. Gather all the returnees within a social and professional effective network
  2. Support and welcome the Overseas Cambodians in their efforts to return
  3. Inform the Overseas Cambodians on business, social and employment opportunities in Cambodia
  4. Develop opportunities for Overseas Cambodians to return from abroad, especially young professionals
  5. Develop links between Cambodia and its diaspora

“When first meeting Natalie Polson, one senses a feeling of strength and passion underneath her calm, quiet, and seemingly shy exterior. When Natalie and I first began our partnership in March of this year, we both entered into it knowing little about each other except from that personal blogs, scattered emails, and a few meetings. Over time, a bond and friendship based on values, dreams, and hopes developed- the idea that the beauty, history, and intricacies of Cambodia’s arts can be shared with those around us and beyond. Now have worked together for roughly ten months- our insights, about Cambodia and each other have only grown- and I had a chance to sit down with Natalie for a brief yet intriguing chapter by chapter walk through her history, both in and away from Cambodia.

Natalie first ventured to the Kingdom of Wonder in 2002 while vacationing with family.  Her initial impressions of Phnom Penh was that of alluring exoticism, foreignness, and feeling a certain sense of inaccessibility to the surroundings and people due to the language gap. Natalie reminisces, “At the time, Cambodia felt very much like a movie set. It felt like a dream…surreal. It’s like I was a member of an audience, invited to come onto the stage and explore the scene.” The landscape at times, reminded her of the kind of setting that Gaugin would have captured in his paintings, that of a bright red ochre dust that settled on the countryside, the saffron coloration of the monks robes contrasted with the deep emerald hues of forested canopies.”

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The (non)Collegiate.


When I decided around age twelve that grades meant little to nothing to me, my parents sat me down and asked me what sort of life I wanted.

In response I spoke of a luxurious high rise condo in a big city, all the clothes I wanted, an Audi, a shiny laptop, a cell phone, a boyfriend who wore cool clothes; all of those things that sound so devastatingly appealing as a preteen.

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Family Matters. March 12, 2013.

Proud Papa Dan

Proud Papa Dan

I want to give warm congratulations to Dan and Oun Beck for the addition of baby Rosie to their family unit. We visited the maternity care ward this past weekend and it was simply touching. She’s one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen, she managed to avoid the…how do I say this…squished alien look that we all know babies sometimes have when they’re first born but we love them anyway.

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I feel as if most of my posts have a strong focus on relationships and food, I’d apologize to my dear readers for this (it seems that I may have one or two out there), but to continue posting entries about my life I would have to stay true to these two topics: they really just most easily represent the complete enjoyment I grasp in this gastro-friendship-bacon covered-romantic mess of a life I lead.

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WUPP! Issue #3

I’m excited that I’ve been able to join the What’s Up Phnom Penh (WUPP) Magazine team to do a monthly style article and write up on the Tuk Tuk of the month.

This lifestyle magazine geared towards events in PP has only been around three months and already gained quite the popularity, especially their gigantic monthly parties at The Eighty8.

Cheers to Antony, Pierre, Romi, Samir, and Ashley; it’s a pleasure.

Photo Credit: Kyle Johnson Photography and Adrian Ragasa Photography