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Ladies Magazine, February Issue.

Alright, so here’s the lingerie spread I did for Ladies Magazine February issue.

I’m a total sucker and wanted to wait until I got my mother’s approval on the shoot before posting and was pleasantly surprised by her positive reaction.

So here it is.

Ladies, February 2013

Ladies, February 2013

"Hello, I Love You"

“Hello, I Love You”

"Until The Break of Dawn"/"Blue Heat"

“Until The Break of Dawn”/”Blue Heat”

"Pillow Talk & Bedroom Eyes"

“Pillow Talk & Bedroom Eyes”

"A Touch of Light"/"Power Moves"

“A Touch of Light”/”Power Moves”



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So This is the New Year. Written January 19th, 2013.

I sit here in an extremely air conditioned room, filled with deep dark cherry wood, Egyptian cotton bedding, the sounds of garden parties filtering through the window, the faint smell of coconut rolls and green apples in the air. The soft lights illuminate my surroundings perfectly and Jesse Morrow croons from my laptop as I type. I write from Le Meridien Hotel in Siem Reap, a delightful and unexpected getaway mixed with some business and a lot of leisure.

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