Seeing spots.


Yesterday I excitedly got to watch Scotland and the Forte Cambodia 5s complete in the Phnom Penh World Cup at 3g Mini Stadium. In sweltering 100+ heat and humidity as I stood cheering on the sidelines and felt trickles of sweat river down my thighs and pool into the back of my kneecaps I thought, “Isn’t it supposed to be rainy season?” This was right before I began to get lightheaded, seeing spots and stars dart behind my eyelids, and in a slight daze made my way back home for a couple bottles of water to rehydrate, a soggy workout, and a blowdry at The Dollhouse.


The heat is something I’ve never quite gotten used to living in Cambodia. I’m sure my body has acclimated to a point, where I’ll visit somewhere with the temperature at a comfortable 80 and want to pull out my favorite cashmere wrap, some Cheap Monday denim, and leather boots…but I miss the cold, the rain, the fog of Washington.

I suppose weather is one of those things that you’re never really happy with. When it’s biting cold and you’re shivering even in heated car, the sunny skies and tropic humidity sound like a dream; when you’re looking at your sky rocketed electric bill because of the air conditioner you’re currently sitting under on full blast, a chilly night swathed in a fur blanket seems like an escape from the all encompassing heat.


Today is one of those days. As I scooted around town grocery shopping, having an all-American breakfast, and picking up a few things here and there for the ever growing wardrobe- all I could do was pray for rain as my bum felt like it was getting scalded each time it hit the moto’s seat. As soon as I got home, I hopped onto the balcony and peered at the sky: a bright blue with nothing but a whisper of cloud cover and no promise of a cooling rain. I turned the money sponge of an air conditioner, unscrewed a bottle of 100plus, and threw on my favorite lightweight Princesse tam.tam slip.


Like most of my unmentionables bought in The Charming City, I picked up this polka dotted cutie at Promesses and it’s gotten more than it’s share of use. In the rotation of my satin Victoria’s Secret sleep set, vintage slips, and birthday suit- the purple polka dots are always a pop of color to my usual shades of tones and comfortable as all get out on oppressively hot days.



Until it starts raining buckets on a daily basis- overflowing the streets and stalling motos and Kia galore and flooding the small shops- then giving me a great excuse to complain about the monsoons I’ll continue to lounge about whining about the heat, praying for rain, and reminiscing of days sitting on rooftops in denim cut-offs, donning my American flag chucks and a bikini top with a Fat Tire in hand in 80 degree weather. The perfect day of heat.


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