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Photo: Film Noir Studios
Photo: Film Noir Studios

Who doesn’t love a good performance? Especially one that engages, excites, and makes you feel like getting out of your chair and move! I danced for several years throughout my early childhood, ballet and jazz, then moved into contemporary and hip-hip into my teens so when I heard that an upcoming event was being held to showcase young talented dancers in Cambodia it sparked my interest. I’ve seen Dance World Cambodia’s performances all over town from clubs to events and was interested to see what the school had to offer this time around.

Over some chilly coconut water and iced coffee, I sat down with Laura Joy Kiddle, instructor and founder of Dance World Cambodia to hear a bit more about what’s coming up!

MB: Can you tell me a bit about Dance World Cambodia? When did it start, who started it, and what are some of the classes it/you offer?

Laura: Dance World Cambodia has been operational since January 2012, we are a fully functioning dance school which offers a complete dance education, our students learn all facets of dance, from Classical Ballet through to Modern Dance, Contemporary and Rhythmic Gymnastics, we are all about creating well rounded dancers. The school was started by Australian dancer and Dance World 301 Performng Arts Diploma student Ms. Laura, and was soon joined by Gymnast and Dancer, Ms. Chloe from Belgium.

MB: Do you have any stories of other successful events/shows Dance World Cambodia has put on in the past and the vibe and atmosphere of the show?

Laura: This will be the students first public performance this year, we hope to take our audience on a journey through choreography set to a wide range of music which shows the students diversity. Expect everything from piano classics to stage musicals, to pieces from artists like Sia.

MB: Who can attendees expect to see on stage for the night of the performance?

Laura: The students are aged between three to fifteen years, there will also be dance appearances from Ms. Laura & Ms. Chloe.

MB: Who attends your classes most and who will be performing in the upcoming show?

Laura: We have a diverse mix of backgrounds at Dance World, and all students are invited to perform.

Photo: Film Noir Studios
Photo: Film Noir Studios

MB:What are some of the things that attendees can look forward to specifically?

Laura: All choreography to each routine, is fully created by Ms. Laura & Ms. Chloe, inspiration comes from the music itself and the emotion behind the story, or words. Music is very important to choreographers, we can spend weeks listening to the same piece, just to fully understand the piece.

MB: What is the most rewarding aspect of working with these kids/men/women in dance, especially in Cambodia?

Laura: My favorite part of working with the young dancers is teaching them how to express outwardly on stage, it can be very difficult to be so vulnerable in front of a crowd of people, you can have the best dancer in the world, but without expression, it means little, dancers also require the skill of actors, this is what I teach them.

MB: Dance is certainly a form of self expression, do you feel that your students and trainees feel the same way?

Laura: When it comes to performance night, I just say´Chookas everyone, get out there and have a BLAST´ I know they will do their best, mistakes will sometimes happen, but, at this stage in their training, I just want them to experience a crowds appreciation, and to let that drive them further into their training.

Photo: Film Noir Studios

MB: How many performances will be shown during the showcase on June 7th and how long does the show usually run?

Laura: We are looking at 10-11 separate performances, some soloists and smaller groups too, the show runs for around 90 minutes, Including a trophy presentation to reward some of those students who we feel are excelling at this point in their training.

Just Dance...Student Showcase
Just Dance…Student Showcase

MB: Where is the event located and what is it called?

Laura: ‘JUST DANCE…. Student Showcase’, will be held at the International Institute of the Arts Phnom Penh (PPIIA) on Street 51, number 134a June 7th starting at 6pm. Tickets are $7 and $5 for balcony bench seating.

MB: How much are tickets and where can people buy them?

Laura: Tickets can be purchased from 2 of our sponsors, The Willow Boutique Hotel on Street 21, number 1. Flicks 1 on St 95, number 39b will also have tickets available from Saturday May 31st.

Ms Laura is also offering a drop off service for tickets, she can be contacted on 012634008

Take a little time from your evening before heading out for wining and dining for some inspiration, fun, and something new and interesting in the city!


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  1. Anna, Nice post! Too bad I will be away from PP then still…we could have gone together and remembered some of your old dance recitals ;)

    Love you, Mama

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