Endless summer.

Those sunny days

As Khmer New Year and its glorious five day weekend rolled around, I was constantly asking and being asked “where will you be for the holiday?” Answers ranged from Taiwan to Edinburgh to Cyprus to various provinces or islands of Cambodia but my answer was a content and pleased, “I’m staying in town.”

When the temperatures rarely drop below 80 degrees year round, I can lay out on my balcony, or take a weekend trip to the beach any old time- I savor the times in Phnom Penh when it’s close to empty and try to stay put for these rare occasions. My time in the city as everyone fled for their various places of escape to relax, party, or indulge has been perfect. Quiet streets on misty days, lazy afternoons with the kittens, empty rooftop gym with a slight breeze, feasting with friends at the finest of places, and plenty of time to sort out all of the things that have been on the back burner of projects that have been piling up. One of my favorite things during my time off was spending a few hours yesterday at the small boutique hotel, Teav, in BKK1. Joining Ritchie and my mom, I popped on my lightweight, sunny-day perfect Blue Glue ‘Whipped’ eyelet bikini, slipped in my raccoon bone and turquoise earrings, and ordered a big chilly glass of pineapple juice (after applying Avene SPF, of course) to soak up some vitamin D. Over club sandwiches, fish amok, and sitting inside a small cave to hide from the sun once its rays became biting, we enjoyed good chat, a perfectly cooling pool, and warm company.

Pirate's booty
Pirate’s booty

Recently, several women have asked where I get my constantly rotating swimwear collection. While I did bring about half my stash from the states (it’s ridiculously large for having lived in a state where it rains 90 percent of the year), there’s really only one place I turn to in the city for reliable beachwear in Cambodia: Promesses. They’ve got an array of all sizes, types, and styles of swimwear with a few key brands like Blue Glue and Princesse Tam Tam along with sunglasses to protect your peepers from Prego. Basically, it’s a one hit stop off for all things needed for a steamy vacay: swimwear, eyewear, and of course- lingerie. With so little available in The Charming City for intimates and swimwear, it’s best to invest in something that will last longer than something from Russian Market or Sorya Shopping Center. Another plus for all you shoppers, the boutique put on quite a few sales throughout the year so you can stay up to date on unique beachwear whenever you may be taking off for a getaway.

We’ve got another 3 day vacation coming up in May from the 13th to the 15th for King Norodom Sihamoni’s birthday- I’ll likely be enjoying a few days of leisure at home, but before you skip out to the beach (or luxury hotel)- pick up a bombshell swimsuit at Promesses. The long weekend refueled me for another month (ha!) of work and projects and until the next, I’ll be here for all your insurance, jewelry, writing, and photoshoot needs!


Visit Promesses at #20 Street 282 BKK1

Phone: 023 993 527 / 012 229 889

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