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Irasshaimase irasshaimase!

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Written 4/2/2014

I’m sitting in a little bubblegum pink room in Saigon feeling exhausted- emotionally and physically. Even though I’ve had banh mi and pho on the mind all day as one should when visiting Vietnam, I decided to pop in for a biteĀ at a Japanese restaurant around the corner in honor of my good friend Duncan. He hops on a plane to Japan from Phnom Penh tonight looking forward to new adventures drinking sake under cherry blossom trees. When walking into the little place, “Irasshaimase irasshaimase!” rang out several times as it always does from the staff when entering a Japanese establishment (or at least plenty at The Sushi Bar– one of his favorite haunts)- and it took me back to plenty of meals shared. Maybe all that teppan yaki toro maki helped push his decision…

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