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haters gonna hate

To scarcely brush the surface of current political activities in Cambodia: there has been civil unrest, scare and pain tactics from both sides of political parties, army trucks with soldiers in full SWAT gear hanging on corners, widespread fear among locals and some expats, and harrowing suffering for the people of Cambodia. Not all is negative, during the time since the elections, bonds have been formed that haven’t been seen for decades and the youth, individuals aged  30 or under making up roughly 70 percent of the population- have started to push out of their shells, taking risks- sometimes unwarranted, and speaking to be heard and acting to be acknowledged. During what was supposed to be a peaceful protest last week on the Riverside in Phnom Penh, barbed wire barricades and physically harmful methods were used against the crowd. Not being in the midst of the scenes physically myself or having read the full amount of coverage, I can’t say what exactly started the violence, how things escalated, or when. What I do know is that there has been a haze of unease over the city for the past week. Last night, “police and thugs dressed in civilian clothes descended on a peaceful vigil at Wat Phnom last night, and set upon the roughly 20 protesters with slingshots, batons and electrics prods.” (Source: The Phnom Penh Post) A total of eleven were injured in the brawl and human right workers and journalists among the crowds were injured from marbles, some the size of golf balls and electric prods.

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“The city’s top 30 dining deals for budget gourmands”



My friend Chad sent me this link this morning to The Phnom Penh Post’s 7 Days section of their site for “The city’s top 30 dining deals for budget gourmands” , saying it “seems up your alley“, which he was indeed correct about.

The title of the post speaks for itself, but it’s a long list of delectable spots to check out when your purse strings are tight-or when you just feel like doing a little exploring outside of your favorite haunts.

I’ve only managed 13 of the spots on the line-up-but with the help of this little beaut of a guide I’ve got my eyes set on some Chive Cakes on Street 178.

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7 Days: The History of Things to Come

This past week I had the pleasure of doing a quick photoshoot with 7 Days for the Vintage Sale “The History of Things to Come”, curated by Amanda Bloom and hosted at The Living Room Cafe. Poppy organized the shoot while Amanda styled, steamed, and assisted in covering up under things.

Ms. Bloom had literally dozens upon dozens of gorgeous pieces, ranging from Edwardian blouses and Mexican bridesmaid dresses to 80s swimwear which made it extra difficult to pick a few items to feature. Next time she puts on a sale, I highly recommend any fashion conscious or history curious individual to check it out.

From the event invitation on Facebook:

“There is a certain beauty to authentic vintage, a time tested glamour that adds depth and character. Although there will be cocktail dresses, gowns and winter pieces, the sale will have a focus on practical day to day summer items to compliment the weather and lifestyle of Phnom Penh. With a focus on natural fibre fabrics like cottons, silk, laces, linen and rayon the selection will be a refreshing change from synthetic fabrics.”

Anna says: The straw handbag with the chain strap and lightweight, whimsically printed sundress were playful and a fun change from the norm. I felt as if I should have melted icecream dripping from my hands on Balboa Island after a ride on the ferris wheel, snapping Polaroids on the sand

Stephanie says: Two things that drew me to this dress were the bright lime green sash and the deep pockets. The sash gave the otherwise basic dress an unexpected pop of color and the pockets, which were almost the length of my forearm, was an unusual but practical detail. No purse needed!

Anna says: This red evening gown takes me back to nights of being wined and dined properly on a rooftop bar, sipping a dirty martini. The open back bares enough but the length leaves  bit to the imagination and one can’t help but feeling like a vixen in crimson.