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Model behavior.

Photo: C. Nation Studio

Photo: C. Nation Studio

As I edged awkwardly out of my preteens with overly dry skin, lank hair, and standing about 4 foot 8, I had a strong desire to become a model-cum-actress after spending hours upon hours of flipping through glossies. I begged my mom time after time to enroll me into modeling schools, take me to LA for auditions, and avidly readĀ seventeen like it held the truth to the universe. Luckily she had the wits about her to say “no” to the thousands of dollars it would cost to enroll me in what was likely a farce of a class, see that I wouldn’t be shooting up the elevenĀ inches it would take to reach international modeling standards, and that like most things I had taken interest in- ballet, horseback riding, the viola- my passion to be a supermodel would peter out in due time.

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