ithinkasia: The Who, Part Three.

Photo: ithinkasia
Photo: ithinkasia

Carrying on with my time hanging out with the ithinkasia team, I share the really cool Do. It was a pretty awesome experience getting to know the different players on this team who do some incredible work and Do was one of them that particularly stood out because of the focus he had on his work.

Have a glimpse into Do’s world here:

“Before Do began the training program at ithinkasia, he volunteered during his free time (which wasn’t a great amount) at his church, New Life Fellowship, where current co worker Honglee saw his potential and urged him to apply for the ithinkasia training program. Once Do started, he couldn’t stop. A busy guy: volunteering, attending high school at Vatkos, and training in the evenings with Honglee, he knew his goal was to ultimately be on the ithinkasia team full time and made that vision a reality. ithinkasia enrolled him in ACE’s English program which peaked his confidence and the ability to work and correspond with a larger group, Do saying  “I was scared to talk with the foreigners…but now I can have conversation.” He certainly can, as we noshed and chatted about all the things going on in his busy life from friends to work to his dreams and goals.” 

and check out the ithinkasia blog for the full piece!

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